We sell, install and maintain automation products for homes, commercial use and industries. These products include the following and much more based on the customer’s need.


  1. Smart changeover for generator
  2. Smart pump for water pump machine
  3. Automatic door control system
  4. Automatic gate control system
  5. Automatic gate control system
  6.  Automatic security light control
  7. Lighting control
  8. Air condition control
  9. Electronic door lock
  10. Fire detection and alarm systems
  11. Access control and intercom systems
  12. Video Surveillance Systems
  13. Agricultural automation system
  14. Fleet tracking

 And more…


The above products and more are suitable for residents, office complexes, hotels, banks, churches, schools, factories, farms, transport companies e.t.c .



TruSmart Customized Automation provides you with solutions involving user-specific products that are developed and implemented to address your specific applications.

For this, we adapt our tried-and-tested standard automation products with the modifications necessary to satisfy your requirements; from minor design changes right to hardware and software systems. The customization possibilities range from individual design variations over custom software images and specific tests up to customized service, support and logistic agreements.

Our customized products help businesses deliver client-centric innovation by staying competitive with new technologies and solutions. With this businesses are able to rapidly seize market opportunities, gain competitive advantage and evolve with new business models, thereby find new source of revenue, support growth and transform operations.


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